Steal A Ride .

Hi i'm Diamond this blog is dedicated to the Los Angeles based rock band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Here you can find information and pictures about the band and its members. Any questions feel free to ask i'll do my best to answer them, also feel free to submit your concert photos and any photos of you with the band. anyway hope you all enjoy

.Robert Levon Been (bass and Vocals)
.Peter Hayes (guitar and vocals)
.Leah shapiro (Percussionist)

Official Band pages
.BRMC's facebook

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  • Hi there. Just heard on French TV that Spread Your Love is featured in the commercial ad of the Azzaro Pour Homme fragrance. Not that I'm complaining but didn't Peter say that he would never sell out his music to big brands?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well I have read an interview where peter does in fact say that but their songs are in commercials over here too so..

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